nearly-end-of-year wrap up

I finished up my pre-calculus course with the final exam about a week ago right before the big storm we had here. I was glad that I scheduled the test for Friday. If I had been snowed in on Saturday then I would have no closure before Christmas and no down time because I would have felt obligated to study. The exam was an unmitigated disaster. After 275 hours of studying, 350 pages of hand-written notes and 8 exams where I scored over 95 I felt like I’d do better, but timed work of any type was never my forte. I know the stuff, I just like to take my time writing out and checking my answers. Oh well, what is will be.

I got out to rip it up a little bit before all the snow was on the ground, but for the first time in about 45 weeks I begged the wife for a ride to work because I just wasn’t in the mood to fight in traffic on slippery roads against angry drivers trying to get to the malls for last minute gifts. I came within 75 miles of 2000 for the year, and am a little bummed out to come this close and then be flat for the last 2 weeks. I don’t really have anywhere I want to go on the roads for 75 miles and I’m sure the trails are in less than ideal conditions for long distance trekking. Oh well, the trucker’s set up on the trainer and I have a few hours in for the week, so at least I’m keeping my heart rate up to offset the way I’m eating bad and letting my gut hang out for the next 2 weeks.

The tree is set up and we’re going to relax for a few days. Enjoy all!

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