New Year & Empty Head

Not quite, but close. I finished my math course, coasted into the holidays, vegged out for 2 or 3 days and then jumped headlong into a web dev project that I’m trying to polish off for work as quickly as possible. I’m giving them free labor in my off hours, but it’s a learning project for me so it doesn’t feel like it.

Took 2 weeks off commuting, I think, no, wait, I did ride once or twice. Realized in the first week of the new year that I’m not fond of ice or cold, but I REALLLY hate wind. A-lots. The trainer is saving my cardiovascular system right now as I haven’t been on the bike outside for more than 20 minutes since Novembers. Inside riding is more of a meditative experience for me because I concentrate on totally different things. Without having to worry about drifting into the guard rail if I take my eyes off the road, I listen to the hum of the roller and try to eliminate the pulsing sound from each pedal stroke for hours at a shot. I don’t know if it really smooths out my cadence in the real world, but it definitely works muscles that don’t see regular action outside. The wife starts a new job tomorrow and that will make it ever so slightly harder for me to bum a ride to work. With any luck it will have me commuting with greater consistency over the next month so I don’t get TOO married to riding indoors.

My wife surprised me during the holidays with the announcement that she wants to train more and do some sort of longish bike rides (possibly a metric or century, maybe a rail trail trip) this year. I think this is great of course and I hooked a computer up to the back wheel of her bike on the trainer so she could start to get a feel for how far she’s going and how long she’s exercising for. Go Wifey!

For me the holidays were not too kind to my waistline, and I drifted back into the 220’s again for the first time in 4 months. I know what I need to do to fix it, but for the first time in about 5 months, I have ravenous cravings to eat more. Not really bad stuff, just more than I know I should eat. 3+ years of success have taught me to cut myself some slack so that I don’t go insane, but it’s a fine line to tread. I give back a little progress every December and January. The goal is to turn it around as quickly and efficiently as possible once the days start to get ever-so-slightly longer again. I count the days till spring every year.

The way marketing bombards us with promises of sustained weight loss in the realm of several pounds a week, it’s hard to focus on a larger picture with goals of losing fractions of a pound weekly for years straight. Looking at the stretch where I didn’t lose anything between April and August of 2009 in the graph above I would have given up for sure if I didn’t keep my sights past the horizon on the bigger picture.

Slow & steady wins the race, but boy is it boring. Back to code for a few minutes before sleeep.

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