stupid mistakes

I rolled into work this morning and removed my headlamp as I always do because 1. I don’t want some kid yanking it and 2. Rechargeable batteries don’t like sitting out in the cold. In retrospect, it would probably have been better for me to just leave it on my bike rather than bring it in to work and knock it off my desk onto the floor.

I tried turning it on at work to no avail. Originally I thought I could just order a new halogen bulb even though the word “LED” is printed right on the side. Once my cat-like Google reflexes unearthed this fact I knew I was in trouble because LED lights are famously impact resistant. The rest of the solid state electronics inside are of a durable variety too so I just gathered up the pieces and took it all home to have a second look later. Once home I plugged it in using the charger and the light came on right away. Knowing it was a power problem I dissected it further to find that the circuit board harvests power from the battery pack not by a soldered connection, but from being held in place by the plastic clips on the side. Once the front light assembly fell out, the pressure holding the board in place was gone, and viola! It stopped working.

Low tech solution. take a coping saw and cut off 1/4″ of a popsicle stick. Wedge it between the circuit board mounting clip and the interior side of the body to give it the pressure it needs to stay in place.

Epoxy to hold the front cover on, rubber shoe patch and a strip of electrical tape to weatherproof. It works now, but it’ll never be purdy again.

5 thoughts on “stupid mistakes

    • I was already reading reviews on that one you just got. Looks nice! With any luck what I have will hold together for a while, but at least there’s lower costs alternatives than there was a year ago.

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