Snowed in.

That’s how I felt all week, then I woke up this morning to 21″ of snow on the front walk. 2′ is a little too deep to do anything with on a bike so I just pacified myself with shoveling for 4 hours instead. I commuted all week, but once the snow gets deeper than my hubs, it gets a little hard to turn the crank over. The knobbies are back on the blue 1×7, and riding around for 7 days with 2″ tires at sub-20psi really makes me feel even more slow than normal. Most of the slush and ice wore off the roads during the week, but I looked for snowy embankments here and there to practice my hill-climbing technique. Hopefully the plow will come through and the street’ll get packed down so I can get out and tool around a bit. I have a feeling I’ll be working from home on Monday regardless.

I had the scanner all fired up, so click below for more comics. Then go buy some of Bill Watterson’s books.


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