Snowed in. day 2&3

Day 2:

I was up around dawn and out for a hike to the store, for photos, and a gallon of milk. No one had been up the street with a plow yet.

The closer to the main roads I got the more traveled it looked.

Roland Ave, usually a hotbed of activity.

I made it up to the Common Ground for a muffin and coffee. Most of the main roads would be bikeable with knobbies, but I had to clear off the cars and street when I got home so I traded handlebars for a shovel. 5 hours later and I was ready to call it quits for 2 days. You’d think with the hella taxes we pay there’d be a plow through at least once, or maybe even a handful of cinders, but it appears we are on our own. As I write this there’s an F-150 in front of my house spinning its wheels.

Day 3:

Espresso. I haven’t had Miss Sylvia on for 3 weeks because she requires more attention than I’ve been able to give. Zeke’s Mobtown espresso was very good despite the fact that my beans have been sitting around for way too long. Good crema. Chocolate Smoky flavor with a nice long aftertaste (I refuse to call it ‘finish’ now).

Click Here for a 5 frame gif animation of the Guiness-like cascading crema pour πŸ™‚

One day to recover and I should be able to get out for a ride – unless of course we get more snow on Tuesday like they say we will.


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