Snowed in. day 4

No Coffee & No Bicycles make Homer go crazy. No Coffee & No Bicycles make Homer go crazy. No Coffee & No Bicycles make Homer go crazy. No Coffee & No Bicycles make Homer go crazy.

Just kidding, but I did use up the rest of my espresso beans Tuesday morning. Repeat typing the same words just doesn’t have the same tinge of crazy that it used to before copy/paste was invented anyway. Muscles are nearly finished recuperating from my 10-hour-2-day-snow-shoveling marathon this weekend.

I looked around in the basement and found a set of IRC Serac XC kevlar bead tires that I bought on super-clearance 3 years ago and switched out the tires on the 1×7 for the 2nd time in a week. The treads are super sharp, the pattern is bi-directional, and the side knobbies are super tall for better traction in the corners. I’ll lose some float since they’re smaller than the Kendas, but I’m more worried about traction on medium-hard surfaces because I probably won’t put too many miles in before the roads get reduced to hard-pack snow. These’ll be the best traction I’ll get without spending $$$ for studded tires, which I’m NOT doing.

Shoveled a little bit more snow out back and cleared off the porch roof in anticipation of the next deluge.

Cleaning, laundry, and computer organization. Having managed IT for a 15 person ad agency in my former life I knew just how bad I was letting my disaster recovery system at home degrade. The problem was that the laptop I’ve had since 2005 never was large enough to let me organize all my things in one place, and the backup drive I was using wasn’t much better. A few weeks back we got a new Imac so I could finally upgrade to some newer versions of software I’m using at work, and want to use at home too. The fringe benefit to it was that hard drives have expanded in size exponentially since the last time I was in the market, so now we can have all our music, photos, and work related stuff in one place AND have a backup drive on site AND have a backup drive off site for a pittance. The bad news is now I’m going through years of backup dvds, hard drives, stuff the wife brought from work, and stuff I brought home from work finding the duplicates and other superfluous junk. Not fun, but at least I’m almost finished. I’m finding music and photos that I haven’t looked at in years.

Although technically I didn’t work today, this was the first I went back and started to think about some of the projects that I’m trying to finish. I’ve <not so> secretly been overjoyed with being stuck at home because work has been non-stop since October. Reworked some select statements and a few other snips of code. Tomorrow morning I want to get out and ride if we don’t get too much overnight.

Till then…

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