snowed in. day 5 6 & 7

Day 5: Well I was up the next morning, but the snow did it’s business all night long. We took a hike up to the store, and there was way too much for me to get through on a bike. I went out again on foot later in the day and it was an adventure enough to hike to the Giant in the 50 mph gusts of wind-driven snow.

falls rd…

side streets…

Day 6: Shoveling again. There are now several 9-10′ tall piles of snow which will be there until late April I’m sure. More computer stuff, and a little bit of a mental vacation.

Day 7: Main roads are clear – if you can get to them. I finally got out on the bike. The Seracs are a nice tire. They have a fairly low rolling resistance for the times I was on clear pavement. The tall side-knobbies were great for traction and clawing out of rutted tire tracks. They worked great on hardpack snow and slush, but when the snow was soft and deep I was out of luck. Seeing the number of cars stuck around town I didn’t feel too bad about it. The treads did a good job shedding all the snow, slush and road funk. An interesting and challenging experience, but I probably could have got there quicker by walking. Typical scenery below…

Low-Low 34/28 gearing got most of my attention, which made getting started in deep snow easier. I did a mix of riding in the tracks and challenging myself with the center of the street where it wasn’t too deep. Speed didn’t make too much of a difference, but staying loose and making microscopic steering corrections every second did. Having groceries in a pannier on the way home helped keep the back wheel attached to the ground too. Maybe tomorrow I’ll remember to take a picture of the bike…

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