February 10 odo counts

Date Long Haul Trucker Blue 1×7 Mtn. / Misc. miles 09 Total
1-31 3242.4 2301.7 77.1 81.4
2-5 3242.4 2324.6 77.1 104.3
2-12 3242.4 2324.6 77.1 104.3
2-19 3242.4 2324.6 77.1 104.3
2-28 3242.4 ??????? 77.1 104.3

What a rough month. First a week of snow, hiking in snow and shoveling snow, then a week of the car. Frozen over gutters and chasing leaks around the house. Web work to keep me busy. Last week I was on the bike to work, but my computer sensor was on another wheel. Got off to a decent start this year, but I have to get back on track. Gained weight, ate poorly, and generally looking for a reset right now.

Headset is getting replaced on the 1×7. After the last time breaking it apart the threads looked a little too munged up to re-tighten again. I gave it a good dousing of loctite and hoped for the best, but it was no good. Part of the reason why it lasted so long before was the use of the linear pull brakes in the front. Once I switched back to the cantis and had the cable hanger pulling on the top headset nut, it ripped the weakened threads apart after just a few hundred miles. Oh well, 14 years so it had a good run.

Velo-Orange no squeak brake pads failed my quality-control tests. I toed them in a little aggressively and the vibration in the front wheel from the failing headset could have hurt slightly, but I only had the fronts on for < 300 miles. Squeak or no, they will not be a repeat purchase. I currently have some old aztec pads in and they’re working just fine.


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