Mental Flush Vol.2 – Riding

It was nearly a year ago this week that I went on my first s240. This weekend has all the signs that the weather is going to be more gorgeous than any we have seen since November and I really want to get out, but…

  1. State Parks ‘taint open yet round here.
  2. I’m not enough of a rugged adventurer to ride just outside the city limits and ‘stealth-camp’ by myself in a culvert. Not so sure how much fun that would be anyway.
  3. I haven’t been on a bicycle for more than 5 miles since November, (WHAT on earth have I been writing about all this time? Jeez.) so my legs want to fall off just thinking about riding the 90 mile trip I did last year.

Just knowing that good weather is coming up and I am not prepared to do anything epic with it is depressing. This I will get over, but not without some whining first.

My mentality changed about riding over the last 2 months too. I still like to do it, but for some reason when it comes time to roll out the door for something other than an errand, it just doesn’t happen. I’m thankful that I’m fed up enough with the idea of spending 1000’s a year towards a new car and fuel is incentive enough for me to ride my bike for utility purposes or I’d get no exercise at all.  It felt like more than ‘Weather’ or ‘Winter’ this year than years past, and I can’t blame it on the roads, because for the most part they WERE clear. I honestly believe I still have most of my strength from last year, but my confidence riding in traffic and on unfamiliar roads isn’t what it was. Can’t explain, just rambling.

All I know is I have to suck it up and ride because I need the activity to keep my weight goals (#1) on track.

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