Mental Flush Vol.1 – Food

I spent the weekend up at my parents house in PA, which was a good thing, but whenever I’m away I eat bad things. It isn’t so much that I eat bad things, but I eat too much. This is constant for any outing from my normal schedule. Dinner out, visits to friends, visits to family, it does not matter. I watched this video over on the ‘fat-guy’s’ blog, which dealt with the toxicity of sugars, and it was very interesting to say the least. Watching it seriously challenged some of my assumptions by going into the chemistry of how your body processes different types of nutrients. I’ve already gone a long way to strip many types of sucrose and fructose out of my daily routine. We eat nearly all whole grain products and aside from the aforementioned binges when away from home, my wife and I are model citizens. My problem is that something switched in my system back in December and all of the sudden, the number of calories I need to eat for sustained slow weight loss like I’ve been doing since Nov 06 became WAY to little to satisfy me. There are too many variables to the equation of why I might be losing it mentally, but weighing in on Tuesday at 20 pounds higher than mid-December was enough of a shock to make me want to do something drastic.

Stack O’ Journals – Last count, 56 lbs lost, 20 gained back.

Problem is that I’m not sure what ‘something drastic’ is. Right now, I want to turn down invitations to see other people or get out of the house because I know I can’t handle it, which is so far beyond healthy that it feels strange writing it. I started eating cereal in the afternoon and evening – even whole grain it’s too much. I’ve already knocked that off. Normally I don’t think that diets which force you to avoid a particular group of food are a good idea. My personal belief is that people lose weight on plans like that because if you strip all – say – carbohydrates out of your diet, it will be very difficult (and expensive when you consider the cost of fresh veggies or meats) to make up the remainder of your calories with the rest of the food pyramid. Once you go back to whatever you were doing – and let’s face it, I’m not going to go the rest of my life without drinking a beer or having ice cream – the weight will come back and with a ¡vengeance!. That being said I am thinking long and hard about doing a restricted diet for a few months just to ‘reset’ my system. One of the most helpful parts of my long, drawn out weight loss plan is that I’ve witnessed my tastes changing over the past years. Candy, soda, and other things I used to really like are now sickeningly sweet, and I find myself wanting less. The last 3 months has cut into my progress there too. Here’s the list of super-basic things that they suggest.

  1. Get rid of all sugared liquids – only water and milk – Check. We drink maybe 5 sodas a year.
  2. Eat your carbohydrate with fiber – Doing pretty good here. Weekends are a TRAIN WRECK.
  3. Wait 20 minutes for second portions. – This is a problem for me . I cook, and I’ve always liked to eat while I’m making dinner extensibly making myself 2 dinners. A grab-and-go dinner followed by a sit down dinner.
  4. Buy your screen time minute-for-minute with physical activity. – Urm, guess I should put down the keyboard and do some jumping jacks.

Granted, these are geared towards moms trying to get their kids to put down the Xbox controller and the ‘Sunny-D’, but it doesn’t sound like a bad start. Activity doesn’t sound like a bad idea either, but that’s coming up in the next post…

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