weekend update

Down 3.8lbs for the week. – Good

Another 10mile-to-the-store on Saturday ride. – Ok.

Off to the relatives for a good time at Easter – and 3.8lbs o’ candy. – Mmmmeh.

One of my desires has been to get out in the morning at the pre-dawn hour to take photos when the world is quiet and light is the most interesting. The light at sunset is nice too, but I prefer the solitude of morning to going out after the rest of the world is awake. I rolled out of bed at 6 on Saturday, but it was kind of cloudy and dull so I just worked around the house, had coffee and breakfast before strolling outside at 8.

Targeting the mid-level blue areas for rides…

Over the last few weeks I’ve been thinking about a good system to keep a bag up on the front of my bike to put a camera in. The Arkel bar bag I have is really nice, but mounts too high for my liking. Another thing I tried is one of my camera bags mounted to the Mark’s rack, but the shift cables on the LHT rattle around on that rack when there’s no bag installed. All the other bar bags I’ve seen aren’t quite right, and I don’t want to buy a rack, decaleur, and bag system for the front of my bikes. For my short morning rides, I’m using my small timbuk2 messenger bag and with just a few pounds of stuff it’s ok. Sometimes it just feels better dealing with what you’ve got than it does to expend energy on trying to find a perfect solution and this is one of those times.

See you next week.

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