Saturday Store Ride

I got out kind of early for a ride on Saturday. The idea was to extend the feeble loop by a few miles on the north and south side to expand my store ride by about 10 miles. The weather was cooler than I wanted, but still nice. Everything went fine until I got north of home on Springlake Way and my chain started dropping intermittently. What started as a minor inconvenience turned into a full-blown malfunction within the course of 1 mile. By the time I was on Bellona the chain would drop nearly every time I put any backwards pressure on the pedal at all. By the time I got around to Lake Roland I had stopped to put the chain back on at least 20 times. My bike turned into a fixie, but instead of slowing down when I stopped pedaling, the chain would just fall off.

This section is usually more fun.

(above) 1×7 was being bad, but he’s still alright in my book.

(below) The bridge leading into R.E.Lee park has been out of commission for a while now. By the looks of things, at least they’re making progress towards demolition and building a new one…

I crawled to the grocery store and home at an awful pace, but aside from stoplights and stepping back into my pedals I did a pretty good job of keeping the chain on. Once home I made some chili for lunch and put the bike up on the stand. The culprit was the freewheel, which was so gummed up that it could barely coast. When I broke a spoke 1 month ago I just took my old spare wheel, cassette and all. I think it was the one on the old craigslist specialized when I brought it. From the looks of it, it still had the original lube from the factory inside. I flushed the freewheel with some thin lube, and worked in phil’s tenacious oil as best I could after.

After I got it all back together, I rode around the block and it seems to be square. My only amazement from the whole experience was how quickly it went downhill. When I left the house in the a.m. it was fine. 10 miles out and it was barely ride-able. 17.5 miles for the day. We won’t discuss averages.


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