Sunday Pick-up Ride

After my bad luck yesterday, I had to shake off and try again for a few miles. I pulled a similar spoke to the one that busted on my other 7 speed wheel and went for a ride down to check out Baltimore Bicycle Works and get some spare spokes, nipples, and other odds and ends. Nice place, and they had a Steamroller in what looked like my size for me to drool over. On the way home I stopped past the Baltimore Streetcar Museum…

where they were having a classic car show…

Nash Metropolitan…

Cool ‘Rough Chop’ job – you could still see the weld beads through the primer…

No clue what this was, but it was in pristine condition…

**update – it’s a 1954 Kaiser Manhattan **

Seeing all this old iron made me pine for my high-school days when I got to build stuff… As opposed as I am to the automobile being used as a status symbol, short errand runner or financial coffin I still miss having a garage and being able to wrench on stuff. I’m going back to take more photos of some of the cool industrial objects by the side of the road another day.

GIANT old lathe (?)…

After that I went up Roland and back to the store again. 1 hour on the bike, 13.5 miles.

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