saturday store rides

Boring stuffs. I got out for my weekly ride to the store. This week I was watching some drips form under the kitchen sink. After I got back from the short loop grocery store ride I did some exploratory surgery by taking apart the p-trap and finding out what I needed to replace. Then I was off for another short loop ride to the hardware store. Wind was a good workout.

To make a long story short, the p-trap I brought was junk and cracked while installing it. Sunday I ended up going to home depot. After installing the new trap it still leaked. Closer observation revealed a cracked, rusted nut on the slip joint higher up and had me replacing everything up including the strainer basket in the sink. Trip #2 to Home Depot was the last nail in the coffin for a Sunday ride. I think it’s fixed now, at least it isn’t leaking.

This week I was truing the wheel I picked up the spokes and nipples for last weekend, and more problems surfaced there too. I decided to replace a few more spokes and most of the nipples instead of cobbling it together as it was. Wanted to get to BBW for the rest of the parts I needed, but it was too late by the time I had everything back together with the sink (8). I have a post to write up about truing stands and wheel building. Need to do some lunch n’ evening pick-up rides.

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