13.85 mi | 57’49”

Old Stomping Grounds…


I was visiting parents this weekend, so I took the folder. Waking up at 5:15 put me on the road by 5:30. There was NO traffic which was glorious. I rode to all 4 corners of the town I grew up in and explored parts in 1 hour than I hadn’t in my entire life. Minor changes which worked great for the bike were the mini camera bag lashed to the front rack and the substitution of the stock saddle for a TI-railed wtb that I got a year ago because it was a price I couldn’t pass up. Weather was MUGGY, but still early enough to be cool. I encountered many hills along the trip and both the bike and I performed very well. Roads are so smooth up there! Felt really good to be up and productive.

Next my father and I went over to the newly renovated Phoenix Iron Company because he wanted to take a closer look at the architecture. They did an amazing job on the restoration.

Large gear turned sculpture…


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