11.83 mi | 51’19”

This one is for the 33 miles of randomness that showed up on my odometer this week above and beyond commuting. I turned a quick trip to the store into a documented ride to represent all the other undocumented rides I did this week.


I’ve thought about doing it for a while, but put it off because I had picked up a pair of cage pedals/nashbar half clips that I’ve been using on the trucker for the last 2 months. They work ok, but 300 miles of city traffic later and I still don’t really like to have to flip into the clips every time I leave a stoplight. Double-sidedness for a pedal appears to be something I really miss when I don’t have it. Anyway, I had to go to Lowes to pick up many other things so I stopped in their little parts drawer aisle and picked up a handful of 8-32 x 5/16″ set screws to use as pins for the leading edge of the pedals.

After a long talk with the head machinist my dad last weekend I decided to use the simple tapping method of letting the screw threads do the work. I figured the worst that would happen is I would mess up one or 2 set screws and then have to tap them in different pins. Using my calipers I measured the screw width between the threads to be 0.141″ and 0.163″ for the external diameter. I picked a drill bit which was 0.152″ to remove just enough material. The key is to drilling the right size hole so there is enough material for the threads, but not drilling away so little that you can’t turn the screw. Using some penetrating oil to smooth things along, I ‘cut’ threads in the pedal. The aluminum is very soft and it went very easy. In my focus to document the second pedal I offset the pins on the inside of the pedal instead of the outside like I did the first time. Not a big deal. Tapping 8 holes took less than an hour so fixing the mistake will take less than 20.

First ride was almost TOO grippy. I found that if my foot went down too far forward I actually had a problem moving it unless I lifted it clear off the pedal. Cool thing about the set screws is that I can dial in the traction exactly because all I have to do is give them a few more turns each and they’ll recess completely into the pedal if I so wish. I’m holding off on adjustments until I get a few rain rides in as that is the only time the Grip Kings felt slippery to begin with.


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