Jun 10 odo counts

Date Long Haul Trucker Blue 1×7 Mtn. / Misc. 2010 Total
5-31 3469.1 2620.4 90.4 640.1
6-5 3514.1 2620.4 90.4 685.1
6-12 3581.9 2620.4 90.4 752.9
6-19 3623.4 2620.4 104.2 808.2
6-25 3680.2 2620.4 104.2 865.0
6-30 3680.2 2638.2 104.2 882.8

Cyclorama 2010 has been on hold or at least a rather pathetic state of affairs for the past 2 weeks, but will resume regular, or hopefully a “> regular” state of operations next month. I went on tons of undocumented little lunch rides that added up to save my butt and my mileage. The CWC this year is almost definitely out as we have a friend getting married that weekend which I’m a little bummed about (the fact that I can’t ride, NOT the fact that there’s a wedding…). I thought about replacing it with this ride, but it’s less than a month away and 160 or 200 miles over 2 days, plus I have to fund-raise, which I obviously haven’t started yet since I’m still in the ‘consideration-phase’ of planning.


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