11.35 mi   |  44’41”

How to lay waste to a weekend ride.

Friday night I spent printing, reviewing, annotating cue sheets, and laying out supplies for a Sunday Club ride. I’ve been feeling really strong for the past 2 weeks and was excited about trying a long route.

Saturday morning I woke up to find a milk-less fridge, so even though it was raining I decided to ride up to the store. Once on the road I figured, “well, I’m wet, so I might as well get a little exercise”. Everything went fine until I got about 6 miles out. There is a quick left at the bottom of the hill in one of my regular routes. Normally I take it easy at this intersection because there’s 2 manholes right at the bend that I have to miss. With all the extra oil and road grime that built up since it hasn’t rained in half a month, the pavement was like black ice and I guess I should have taken it another 5mph slower. Next thing I knew I was peeling myself off the pavement after sliding 10 yards and coming to rest next to the curb. After walking it off and re-railing my chain, I got back on the bike and finished off the loop.

I fell on my left side which didn’t get banged up too bad, but when I went down my right ankle went into the chainring. Now I have ‘one’ reason I don’t like riding in my Keen sandals. I’ve suffered through dozens of cuts over the years, but this was the first time I ever looked at something and said to myself “someone should take a look at THAT”. 45 minutes later I was in a Patient First getting xrays and 7 stitches. I’ll save you the gross picture unless you really want to see it.

Bad news is the doctor told me to stay off my feet for a day or 2 so I missed riding a real nice ride on a real nice day.


Good news is that I’m up-to-date on my TDaP vaccine until July 2020 and the bike is ok aside from the left bar-end shifter that looks like I hit it with a cheese grater.

Time to brush up on my yoga and other low-impact exercise for a few days.



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