inactivity & weight loss

As mentioned before, I haven’t done anything for the last 2 weeks. Even standing up for more than an hour or walking half a block aggravated my ankle’s stitches so I did my best to keep off of it. I found it isn’t helpful to cut back my food consumption even more if I can’t get out and ride as that only serves to make me go mental. I braced for the inevitable weight gain that would come with cutting all activity out of my schedule (biking, walking, taking out the trash, errrrvrything.). What actually happened over the last 2 weeks was more dramatic than I expected, and lent evidence to a theory I’ve held for the past 2 years.

I actually dropped 6 pounds from where I was. Now for the theory part.

Every year I ramp up my riding in early summer and train for late summer/early fall century rides. Some years I drop a little weight, but nothing dramatic. Most months roll by with nary a pound difference in the scale. All the while everyone I see along the way is asking me if I dropped weight, which I dismiss as bland pleasantries because the scale is actively telling me something different. Then between the end of my rides in October and early December I inexplicably drop more weight than I have all year long even though I’m riding half as much and eating more. (many of my relatives have birthdays this time of year, Thanksgiving, and that’s just the tip of the December iceberg where I start to pack back on a few of the pounds). The THEORY is that I’m slimming down all summer long but replacing those pounds with muscle. When I stop training in October and fall back on my meager commuting miles, BAM, there goes the muscle, there goes the pounds. I ate what I normally eat this month, I didn’t do ANYTHING, so muscle is the only part of my body that possibly COULD have reduced itself. I’m glad to spend a week at 211.2, but realizing that it’s artificial to a certain extent. In the weeks ahead I’m sure I’ll bounce back a bit, but that’s why I keep track of where I am, what I do, and what I eat.

Cool link for 10 cycling training tips.

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