the blur that is my life

Good stuff, bad stuff, everything is going by so fast right now that I don’t think to write about it. Not that there aren’t some things worth writing about. Once I hit my low weight a few weeks back I didn’t bounce high off the bottom, so that was good. My friend who’s getting married in the fall had a bachelors weekend camping and rafting on the New River in West Virginia last weekend so that was good (aside from the 14 hours we spent in the car getting there and back). My mph averages didn’t suffer too bad from my month of inactivity and I permanently added a loop with a hill to my commute for an extra 2 miles a day. That is good. I’m getting to the beach soon for a week away from work. That is good. Work is good. Only thing that’s annoying right now is that every now and then I clock my ankle into the crank arm where I cut it a month ago and that still hurts like %@$#%. That and I have so much going on that I can’t see straight. How exactly is it that people can get bored? Have to think of a new format for posting that allows me to throw stuff up quicker.

Till then,

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