1 week off

We went to Bethany for the week and I totally shut down.

You can’t call it a vacation if you don’t get away from your routine at least a little, but I still recorded everything I ate, aside from one Sunday night when I was supervising the grill and trying to make sure my beer remained full at all times which threw me off base enough to lose track. I had pretty much everything I’ve been craving for the past 8 months – Steak dinner with sides, Pit Beef sandwich, quality ice cream from every place we could find, handmade candy, the finest microbrews Delaware had to offer, Scallops sauteed in a butter/garlic sauce, Crabs n’ Bud, a donut, and a spicy pulled pork burrito (left the wrap and cheese on the plate, so my tastes must be changing)

I was bad, but we took the bikes and I got in some nice long rides, including one 54 miler where I rode a loop around Indian River Bay at close to a 17mph average. It would have been even higher except I lazed my way through the boardwalk and Junction & Breakwater Trail. I swam in the ocean fighting the surf for as long as my pale skin could tolerate, and walked about everywhere I could.

On the blogfront I came up with a way to upload snippets of my photo gallery to flickr, so new images with descriptions will pop up there. That’ll keep me more active because it’s easier. (I tire of writing, resizing images and uploading them to wordpress)

Now it is back to the grind with a few good memories to keep me rolling.

2 thoughts on “1 week off

  1. Hey there! I love the title of your blog: bikes and coffee are two of my very favorite things. (If you added pizza, I might have married you). JK

    This is a fun site. I’ve been looking at your site and am impressed with your bikes and this recent post of a 54 mile ride. I’m not sure I could do that at this point…maybe if I took my time.

    Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your nice comment on my blog and didn’t see an e-mail address so here I am. I’ll follow along on yours too.

    Looking forward to seeing updates (and hearing more about roasting your own coffee…seems very cool).

    • Thanks, the blog is a work in progress…

      Your comment about the ride made me think of a quote by racing cyclist Greg Lemond about climbing where he said “it never gets easier, you just go faster” 🙂

      I haven’t roasted coffee in so long. So much smoke the neighbors probably think the house is on fire. I reserve that for when I know I’m going to be able to run the espresso machine on the weekend. I’m taking some classes in the fall so I’ll probably be around the house enough for that.

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