I can’t believe I rode the whole thing…

Name and caption are a bit off, but the photo is spot on…

At long last I have something to write about! The Rando Ramble series has been on my to-do list for many months now. The Monument to Monument ramble came and went with me being out of shape and totally unprepared… Then there was the Chesapeake Bay ramble which I felt kind of ready for, but crashed and cut the dickens out of my ankle the day before… I haven’t been on a century ride this year, but I did push myself 54 miles on the east shore at close to 17 mph and logged over 800 miles since July. The question became “If I wasn’t ready for a long ride now, when?

I took off from home a little after 7am and was and was right to do so. I got lost 3 or 4 times downtown in Federal Hill trying to take ‘shortcuts’ to Ft. McHenry. We pushed off with a group of around 10 riders a little after 8 and started visiting multiple points along the waterfront – all of which Bob has already done more justice in describing on his site than I could do or remember so read it here… There were several parts of the ride that were glass or cobblestone strewn, but I didn’t really notice. That’s the bright side of running Schwalbe 35’s. The dark side is the little cluster of insignificant hills I was fighting my way up around mile 85.

closer crop of an image from the flickr set

At mile 49 we stopped for lunch at the Island View Restaurant and Cafe, which seemed strangely deserted for such a beautiful day. I guess everyone was watching the game. The Chicken & Dumplings special looked good, but I opted for something a little less covered in gravy so I could concentrate on riding rather than digesting lunch all afternoon. Even before eating I was a little concerned about my afternoon pace because I normally go out and push through rides with no breaks. I wasn’t sure how I’d react to riding more after sitting in a chair for 1 hour, but it all worked out for the best.

We visited a few more points, took a few breaks along the way and by 4:30-5 (?) we were on our way back into town. That was about when I hit my only rough patch for the day. Before we were far enough back that I could use visual cues to figure out where I was I had trouble with feeling worn out and trying to keep up. All of the stress seemed to pass and I got my second wind after sighting the city and knowing where I was again.

2 Victory Pilsners and 3 plates of nachos at Little Havana was the perfect end to the day. A few miles up Calvert St. and we were home just a little after dark.

Final stats for the day
time in the saddle – 7:15’36” | miles – 113.22 | average 15.5
(If I knew at the time how close I came to riding 200k {124.5mi} I would have looped around the neighborhood 5 times when I got home)

I feel pretty good the next day, but it’ll be Tuesday before I take a lunch ride or the extended route home from work.

Bob, Dave, Isaias, and everyone else, thanks again for putting on a great ride with a very scenic and well thought out route.

My few pics for the day on flickr…

3 thoughts on “I can’t believe I rode the whole thing…

  1. Excellent!! I pushed through my solo century in early September, but at nowhere near the pace. That’s what I seem to have lost in the last few year. Slow, slow, but I still enjoy the scenery going by. Good for you.

    • I checked in on your site and saw some of the pics from your gravel ride earlier this month. Now that looks like fun! Congrats on your century too. I’m not sure if my average is going up right now or if I just had my tires pumped up harder than normal.

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