Gaining Weight Again

But it’s my bike this time.

After all the snow we had last winter and the trips to the beach this summer I started fantasizing about the fat bike genre. I never really considered it because doing the math on a full build at retail prices for something I would only use a few times a year made far less sense than my foray into the folding bike genre a few years ago. ($600 frame + $250 in rims + $220 in tires + everything else). Then Surly posted their announcement about the new complete and I swiftly went to my wife and said “can-I-can-I-please have one”? Well she said yes and the rest is history.

A few things I’ve learned in my short 2.5-ish hours with this bike…

  1. This bike will get FAR more use than I ever imagined it would.
  2. It’s really fun to climb when you’re not worried about what you have to roll over in front of you.
  3. It’s also fun when you’re not worried about losing traction. I found a construction site with a huge mound of loose bulldozed dirt at about a 15% grade. I was going great and probably would have made it to the top if I hadn’t made a dumb mistake in pointing the bike directly for a dirt clod half the height of the wheel. To clean off the tires when almost home I practiced more climbing on a steep wet grassy embankment (with no turf destruction).
  4. High volume = low pressure = lots of fun and no pain. The tires were at about 15 psi and it felt great. I was on the road to get from place to place and rolling resistance on pavement was just fine. Can’t wait to drop the psi to 5 or 7 and steer towards some sand or a foot of snow.
  5. For the rest of my life I will have at least one bike without a computer on it. For the first time in about 3 years I have no real clue how long I was gone, how far, or how fast I went. It’s also been about that long since I’ve had this much fun off-road on a bike—all made possible by the fact that I wasn’t the least bit concerned about my precious mph average for once.

The basement is pushing maximum density right now on stuff that it can hold. That fast-ish road bike that I was talking about will have to wait for both a few years to pass AND for us to get a house with a proper garage. I could not care less right now.

Thanks to BBW for the great build and service! More to come.

10 thoughts on “Gaining Weight Again

  1. Nice, Dave. Let us know how it does in the snow this winter.

    I’m wondering how fat of a tire I can fit into my cyclocross bike frame–nothing that comes close to what that Pugsley can mount, I’d bet.

    • Crazy as it sounds, I’m probably going to have to make a trip to the beach in December unless we get a bunch of early snow like we did last year. Don’t think I can wait for January/February… The tires are twice as big as anything I could even squeeze on my trucker.

  2. Well this is a surprise. I’ll be interested to see how you rig her up for commuting, which btw, is full justification when calculating the money you’re saving on car, gas, insurance, etc…

    • I justified the purchase with the money I save commuting by bike, but I won’t actually be using it for that – mainly because I’m not wasting those beautiful huge tires on pavement any more than I need to for getting to/from trails. Having it makes me want to ditch the 1×7 to free up space because it does so many of the same things and rides much better for me, but I have so many memories with that bike…

    • Oh hai, LFOAB is back… Yeah, that’s pretty much spot on, except comparing and contrasting the pug to my 1×7 (which I’ve been riding for the last 3 weeks while the trucker has been up on blocks for an overhaul) it’s not really that heavy. My old giant with its racks and absurdly heavy continentals feels about the same when lifting it off the ground AND riding up hills.

      Favorite Quote:
      “It’s fine because a bike, any bike, that makes its built-in bookends so clearly defined, well you have to laugh to yourself while respecting those bookends vastly. I like that in bikes, I like that in people: What you see is precisely what you get, period.”

      I came to the point in my life where I realized that even when I’m in GREAT shape for my age (aiming for 45th percentile on average height/weight charts) I’d still snap a carbon bike in two. Why not forget about always trying to go faster and enjoy the ride once in a while?

      So far, So good…

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