Nov Rando Ramble

So much happened with the latest RandoRamble installment on Sunday that it seems hard to compress into something I can write up in 30 minutes of free time…

Mile 66ish. Some really nice back roads on the MD/PA line. Just a few more feet to the top…

  1. Starting at the Mount Washington Starbucks – cold at first, but a little riding and the sun being out all day soon made it a distant memory.
  2. Steep hills early on that had me seriously thinking about bailing out. This time it wasn’t even the climbs, but a few fast descents that were just long enough to make me wonder when I was going to have to climb out of this valley I’d dug myself into.
  3. Pancakes! We made it to Union Bridge with plenty of time to meet up with the BBC ride at the fire hall for a late breakfast and lots of carbs.
  4. Then it was time to head north and burn it all off on some of the nicest back roads I’ve ever ridden on.
  5. Few flat tires, Brake problems (?)
  6. Back to Baltimore: So there’s been a wind at our backs all day… Hardly noticed until now 🙂 The rollers coming back down Hanover Pk. were the worst of the ride… I don’t think I’ve been that happy to see a Burger King since I was 10.
  7. Pedal problems: Ben lost the bearings in his left pedal right after leaving the 73 mile rest stop. Luckily there was a Wal-Mart nearby and he was able to pick up a set of bmx flats and a box wrench set to fix it with. We all sat around joking about how he was going to have to buy a whole tricycle just to get the pedal…
  8. After a long break, we made our way home while enjoying the sunset. A little behind schedule, but a great day nonetheless…

Finishing After Dark… Bob & Dave#1

my Photoset for the day:

Peeking a little north on the map from where we entered PA there’s Hanover and Cordorus State park, and A little bit further to the west is Gettysburg, so I’m already getting visions of swinging out this way again next year with some camping gear in tow.

Kudos to Bob for organizing another great ride!

numbers: – 7:54’00″ | miles – 110.05 | average 13.9 – lil’ slow, but I’ll take it.

post ride random notes:

  1. Legs recovered pretty quickly, but the fact that those 8 hours on the bike were spread out over nearly 11 due to stops and all the little mechanical stuff kind of took its toll on my rear. The bike commute was still in the cards for Monday and Tuesday, but I skipped on my normal ‘extra miles’.
  2. Worried that the Planet Bike 2watt wouldn’t be enough if we were caught in the dark, I dug the Ixon out of the basement in preparation for this ride. It had started to blink out on me intermittently after I dropped it and fixed it last winter. The 2 hours I spent with a soldering iron rebuilding it last week turned out to be a very good investment and that light paid for itself after sunset, especially on the descents. Need to work on the mounting position next. The mount on the bar bag is way too flimsy for something that heavy.
  3. Finally rectified not having a BBC membership after talking about it for over a year and a half…
  4. Wish I had a Garmin with a barometric altimeter in it so I could take some of the guesswork out of how much climbing there is in a ride. Simultaneously glad that I don’t have another gadget on my handlebars that I have to lug around and keep track of.
  5. Looking forward to throwing on another layer and keeping my miles up all winter!

7 thoughts on “Nov Rando Ramble

  1. Dave, it was great riding with you. Garmin is doing maintenance today on their Garmin Connect website, but here’s a link to my ride once they’re back in service:

    The link was created by Twitter when I shared the ride there, then it get automatically echoed/shared to my Facebook account.

    • Likewise, I had a great time.

      Thanks for the link, I saw your Garmin page before, but wasn’t sure how much of the climbing you did in the other 35 miles you rode… That is a slick little device you have. Like the format better than the big gps’s.

  2. Dave —

    Great blog; great pictures. Bob tells me next month’s plan is a trip to D.C., with a stop of The Dubliner on Capitol Hill for lunch. Who needs pancakes when you can have beer?

    The Other Dave H.

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