day 1500

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I’m getting more boring every day… Might even make that the new subheader for the blog. It was 1500 days ago that I decided I should watch what I eat every day until I learn how to eat right and make habits I can use to maintain my weight for the rest of my life. Haven’t always done the right thing, but aside for a few exceptions in the first 2 years I’ve always tried to be as honest and thorough in my accounting as possible. To bring anyone up to speed who hasn’t heard the whole story of my waistline…

  1. I started to go off the rails and became unhealthy as a middle school kid.
  2. kept being chunk and trying to lose weight all through high school.
  3. ate terribly during college (cheeseburger sub n’ fries anyone?) but miraculously didn’t do too much damage to myself since I walked everywhere during those years. Also had a job stocking shelves which kept me active while illustrating to me the importance of finishing school so I didn’t have to lift boxes for the rest of my life…
  4. hit rock bottom and topped out at around 315 when I was 24 years old and the effects of my first desk job came to full bloom.
  5. dieted and exercised my way up and down through the high 200’s for 5 years.
  6. had my first real success at weight loss when I was 30 and started riding the bike on the trails every weekend and eating right for about a year. Clawed my way down to just over 200 (still have those journals) Not really sure about the numbers here. I used to do stupid stuff like sit in the sauna for half an hour before I weighed myself.
  7. came off the rails again when I started dating the lady I am now happily married to – gained back 65-70 pounds
  8. got back from our honeymoon and started writing down everything I eat in little books the next Monday
  9. day 0 – 271
  10. day 500 – 249.2 – loss of 21.8.
  11. day 1000 – 222.8 – loss of 26.4 more.
  12. day 1500 – 209.8 – loss of 13.0 more.

This last year has been a rough one for me. In October 2009 I thought to myself that if I pushed really hard I could finish off my first huge goal of 194.99 pounds in ’10. Bad news is that it backfired and I ended up performing even worse in ’10 than I did in ’09 and before. I ate over my limit to the point where I SHOULD have gained. Good news is I still lost a little. I’m not sure if this is because I rode more, or there are other variables in my diet and activity that I haven’t tracked as carefully. Maybe it was all those organic farmers market veggies this fall… Going to snap back a little more over the next few weeks, (touched 206.0 right before Thanksgiving) but I always relax a little around the holidays. Looking forward to a better 2011.

stack o’ books. Hey, what’d did you have for lunch June 3, 2008? PBJ sandwich.


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