Back to running

Back in 2004 I ran a 10k in Virginia with some friends. To my recollection that is the last time I ran anywhere more than 100 yards. This Christmas we were up at my in-laws and I really didn’t feel like taking the bike. I knew they have a treadmill so I decided to take my running shoes just so I could burn some calories. 51’25” total after cool-down – Ran a 42’45” 5k. It was indoors, but I kept messing with the incline on the treadmill to give me a little more of the ‘outdoor’ feel. I’ve been really nervous about running because If I had a nickel for every person I know who has injuries from running I could buy another bike. Losing that first 60 pounds and reducing the stress on my knees felt like a good idea before I tried jogging again. Now that I’m a little lighter it felt ok to give it a shot.

It was a bit frustrating because from a cardiovascular standpoint I feel like I could have gone all afternoon, but my legs felt differently. I now know exactly which muscles runners use that cyclists don’t. Going to keep a few runs in the rotation to strengthen different muscle groups.


2 thoughts on “Back to running

  1. I’m so much heavier than you, but started running about 5 months ago. I’ve been inconsistent, but have run more miles each month. You can do it, just increase your mileage at a very slow rate each week or two and you should be fine.

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