Yet another ‘first wheel build’ story

Mostly Pictures as I don’t have too much original to write about the process. This is purely a case of ‘standing on the shoulders of giants’.

Only thing I ‘invented’ on my own was building an armature to hang the hub from the basement ceiling so I could work standing up rather than trying to juggle holding the rim, hub, spokes and nipples in my lap while figuring out the lacing pattern and flipping pages in a book. Worked great, and threading the nipples on the spoke was especially easy since I could hold it at eye-level the entire time. Only observation I made which I haven’t seen reproduced anywhere else is that when pre-tensioning the wheel and trying to get it roughly true enough to work with, it seems to make sense that a builder should completely ignore visual cues from the rim and start by tightening all the spokes to the same tone. If working with a perfectly round new rim then evenly tensioning all spokes should yield a fairly good starting point and you’re going to need even tension further down the road anyway.

Updates to this later. I’m in the first iteration of truing now.

After finishing here I have to go back and update the truing stand review as there’s a few things that’ve changed about my opinions there too.

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