wheel build final

%#$@%* The last stress relieve cycle took FOREVER.

By round 3 I had the spoke tension on each side balanced to within 5%, radially within tolerance and only 0.02″ off on lateral. Then there was the dish. As usual I screwed it up by dishing in the wrong direction and compounding the error 2 rounds in a row. I wrestled with it for an extra 2 hours as a penalty for not paying attention, but the final product is tension balanced nearly perfect, radially true to 0.0157″(.398mm) (Mavic rim joint has a minor kink), laterally true to within 0.009″(.229mm), and dished within 0.017″ (.432mm)

Road testing in due time. I decided to wait until the ice melts before I decommission the old wheel.

Here’s pics of the building process…


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