Everything is broken

So last week I was getting ready for bed on Tuesday and I hear this random hissing noise coming from downstairs. I investigate and find the air slowly leaking out of my commuter bike’s back tire. I think nothing of it and go to bed because I have no desire to get my hands dirty changing a tire. The next day I go downstairs and grab the trucker to take to work rather than mess with it. (I still didn’t feel like getting my hands dirty.) I get as far as the end of the alley when I realize that I can’t downshift from my big ring. Friggit, I’m not turning around now. Besides who knows what’ll happen if I grab my mountain bike…

So the tension spring on the derailleur is held in place by a little tab of cast metal and it broke off. Luckily, BBW had a replacement in stock or I would’ve been out of luck this weekend (No I can NOT ride the hills in my big ring yet…)

The new one shows you the little tab that broke off. I think they could’ve sprung for an extra .25 grams of metal right there but what do I know.

The new one is the Shimano FD-2300 series which is technically an 8-speed component. Aside from the use of rivets instead of screws in a few connection points and the clamp being universal rather than frame specific they are identical. (oh, and the 2300 weighs 20g more) The only possible difference I could see between the two is they might have a slightly different amount of throw, which makes no difference to me because my front is friction-shift anyway.

I have an idea to fix the old one, but only as an experiment. Sometimes I like to fix stuff just to see if I can, but I wouldn’t trust it enough to put any miles between me and home with it. I still haven’t changed the tire, so maybe I should do that first…

4 thoughts on “Everything is broken

  1. Cars, bicycles, computers… They’re always breaking.

    I hope my LHT FD doesn’t develop the same issue. I already have an issue with it twisting on the seat tube which causes all kinds of shifting issues.

    • That’s strange, I’ve never had one twist on the frame. Did you have your shop check the torque on the mounting bolt? Mine was the stock derailleur for ’07 – Tiagra, btw…

      I actually consider myself lucky b/c it’s much more of a pain to have stuff break out in the field when you have to fiddle with it so you can limp home. Funny how everything always seems to go at once…

    • Sorry to hear it. Mine overshifts off the big ring occasionally, but I know its because of a ever-so-slightly bent chainring so I’m just dealing with it until my entire drivetrain needs replacing.

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