Monument to Monument

Ever since last year I’ve wanted to ride this ride, but I never had the legs for a 50 mile ride in May let alone a century. I picked up on Bob’s Ramble rides last October with the Point to Point after training summer 2010 away in a self-imposed solitude. Well that was such a blast that I was hooked and wanted to ride every time since. While not able to accomplish a century every month since then I was able to keep up enough to be ready to enjoy the summer this year! This ride felt like a reward for surviving all the cold, wet, and hills from winter.

The month in pictures. Click for larger, and there’s a few more in Flickr

Baltimore Washington Monument and the gathering crowd of riders…

Whats up Dave!

First rest stop…

Had to keep my hands on the bar. The cargo setup works great, but the front end of the Trucker wants to flop around a little bit when it’s loaded down.

First Glimpse of the Capitol Building up in the distance…

And before we knew it we were there… Line of Budget rental trucks wrecks the view.

Washington Monument #2. The sun tries to push through the clouds, but it wasn’t meant to be…

Lunch at Union Station was perfectly timed. I ate well, but not too much. This month I saved the beer for the end and I think it was a good choice. The second half went much smoother. After lunch, the camera stayed in the bag. I felt good, but had to concentrate to keep my pace and concentrate even harder to overcome my undiagnosed dyslexic urges to shout out the wrong directions off the cue. It felt like there was a tailwind as we headed north but it was blowing rain in with it. We got caught by the storm about half way back. I for one didn’t mind because I was plenty warm by then. Most everyone seems to have stayed indoors because traffic felt below average for the day.

Afternoon rest stop…

Another 20 miles or so and we were back home. The group thinned out a bit as we headed up Charles St. for the final stretch and I reached the monument a second time by myself. Stopped to hang out for a second and Dave, Bob, and John were just 2 shakes behind me. We bid John farewell as he peeled off to coast back to his office and dry off. Then Bob, Dave #1 and I made the final trek back to ‘The Dizz’ for our reward of beer and fries (which did not survive long enough for a picture).

Numbers: 7:44’ | miles – 96.7 | average – 12.5 | elev gain – 3933′
(miles/time/avg/elev from etrex My cateye dropped off before the end of the ride so I don’t have full numbers for the day from my doorstep to the ride start – I was over 100 tho…)

garmin connect part 1 | garmin connect part 2

Bob’s Pics for the day with thorough commentary here… & A few more words here.

As always, thanks to Bob for organizing and leading another great Ramble. Special thanks to everyone else for a great day. Hope to see all of you out again next month!


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