June Rando Ramble

Sunday was a long GREAT day on the bike! Usually the words come real easy, but with everything else that’s going on right now it’s all trying to crowd through the door of my mind at once and getting blocked. Here’s a few (blurrrry) pics, some gps data and some stats from the slow end of the pack.

Hangin’ out at another convenience store…

We didn’t see a ton of sights — some pastoral farmlands, lots of guys on motorcycles, and one of the RAAM contestants riding along with a pace van behind it playing house music (leave any other memoirs in the comments section). — but it was a good time with a lot of great friends. I drank nearly 2 gallons of water/gatorade and still rolled back into Baltimore with empty bottles and drymouth. Luckily, Dave #1 strategically placed a 6-pack at our final destination…

perfect end to the perfect day

Goofed on the route in one place and missed a few hills, but rode everything plus commuted to the start and back for a personal best by nearly 15 miles, so no harm done there.

Numbers: miles – 141.69 | time – 9:52″42’ | mv average – 13.6 | elev – 5633′
(miles from cateye, time/avg/elev from etrex.)

garmin connect data

Photos on Flickr.


4 thoughts on “June Rando Ramble

  1. Dave –

    It was, as always, great riding with you. See you soon.

    Dave 1

    P.S. – I hope you don’t mind me using the picture you took of me where I actually look like a thin man on a bike for once.

  2. Nice report, Dave. It was good seeing you on the ride!

    BTW, it wasn’t a real goof missing those hills. Jack mentioned it and Maxine’s back was bothering her, so we decided that missing the hills would be best.

    See you on the next one.

    • Yah, I could have blamed it on that but I had already made the wrong turn ahead of you guys so I stuck to my guns. Missed “@ cir” on the cue. Good seeing you too! Already hawking the BBC July calendar waiting for a post.
      …Rando Rambles – Collect all 12…

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