June 11 odo counts

Date Long Haul Trucker Blue 1×7 The Rest 2011 Total
5-31 5665.2 3227.0 35.4 1012.5
6-4 5665.2 3237.3 . 1022.8
6-11 5665.2 3237.3 10.2 1033.0
6-18 5694.5 3246.5 . 1071.5
6-25 5694.5 3274.5 . 1099.5
6-30 5836.2 3292.2 . 1258.9

Not a bad month for riding but I’m glad it’s over all the same. Started with weight training which is going well, but the recovery periods are sucking the life out of me. Now I know why they say to start weight regimens in the off season. I don’t feel so depressed about not riding when I look out the window and see nothing but barren limbs on the trees and frost on the ground. It was gorgeous outside today and I was glad to be home after taking as many short-cuts as I could to get there.

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