Moonlight Madness

Normally I don’t leave the house in the evening, but Dave#1 and Bob coaxed me out for the annual Bob Moore Memorial Moonlight Madness ride. I’m glad I made the trek!

Ride Start

When I got to the War Memorial Plaza there were only 10 or 15 people, but we hung around for an extra half hour or so and the crowd swelled to enormous proportions. The Meetup Site said there were 96 people in attendance, and I believe it! There were a few dedicated volunteers who did a great job of crowd control keeping us together at intersections. We hit the road and did a figure – 8 of Baltimore – starting with a loop of the harbor – through Federal Hill – up Charles St….

West on 25th St. towards Remington – my favorite pic from the night

…across to Druid Hill Park – back down through Bolton Hill  – across downtown to Broadway…

big group in Fells Pt.

…South to Fells Point – back up President St. to the start

We made it back to the plaza, and then peeled off to make a stop at Mick O’Sheas for a pint or 2 and some nachos. I made it home with no incident just before midnight (midnight on a weeknight? perish the thought!). A little worse for wear the next day, but it was worth it! Thanks all for a great ride!

Check the Moonlight Madness Flickr Gallery for some more pics of the fun, and the Biking in B’more Meetup Site for more pics.


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