24hob goal MET!

Hope they don’t mind me stealing their animated gif for my blog… I’d gladly make my own but I’m just too darn tired from all that fundraising. Actually, it was pretty easy because all you awesome people did the work for me! Now I just have to do my part and ride for 24 hours at the end of this month.

Seriously though, thanks from the bottom of my heart for everyone who donated and those who kept me up and riding over the last year and especially this summer. It is greatly appreciated. More than you know. More so than even I realized until lately.

If you still would like to donate, that’s great too! (click here to visit my page) We can use all the help we can get in the fight against cancer. If I don’t see you on the loop August 27 & 28, I’ll catch you out on the road! (or maybe not, I’m still kind of slow)

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