a one instead of a two

This morning I woke up and did something that I haven’t done in over 25 years…


That’s right, I looked down at the scale and the first number was a 1 instead of a 2. No weird tricks – No sitting in the sauna for half an hour or going on a 40 mile ride in 90° heat with no water – No hanging from a chin-up bar – Just a straight number from the same scale I’ve weighed myself with for 1783 days (actually we’ve had it for longer than that, but that’s how long I’ve been serious-serious…)

25 years is a long time, but even that number really doesn’t express the magnitude of it because I’ve been big even longer than I’ve been over 200. It was probably a growth spurt and not adiposity that first catapulted me over that number in my youth. My excitement is tempered by the fact that donning jeans or a pair of street shoes takes me back over that number, but the trip is not over and this is just another station to pass. Winter will be difficult as I need to lose more, then return to the gym (no free-weights, I did not forget about you), and strength train to gain a little of it back. 72.6 pounds down, only a handful to go.

For today, I relax and enjoy being in what is officially the best shape of my life.


11 thoughts on “a one instead of a two

    • Thanks much! I was only visiting the Republic of Non-Clydesdales this morning (16oz of Baltimore’s finest coffee put me back over the top I’m sure), but I’m applying for citizenship this winter. Hang in there, you’ll get back to it. I know you’re riding more than I am so it’s only a matter of time…

    • Thanks, It’s an iterative process. Every time I gained back weight in the past I’ve had a different “oh shoot” number – like when I passed 300 in 1999, or 270 in 2007, or 220 this June. I think I’d like 190 to be my final maintenance weight to give me a little buffer for the winter months when I hibernate.

  1. Hey Dave,

    I came across your site from another blogger. Congrats on breaking that 200 barrier! That is exactly what I’m trying to do as well. It’s great to hear that others are achieving their goals through cycling and nutrition.

    • You keep rolling too, and it’ll turn around, I had a really-good couple of weeks – feeling pretty lousy right now because we had a get-together with friends for my wife’s b-day and I over-ate, but I’ll come back from that. Just gotta wake up each morning and try to head off in the right direction.

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