well donnie, they finally did it…

They finally killed my #*&#!%g bike…

I was turning left at the stoplight on Wyman Park Dr. and Remington. When the light turned green I stomped on the pedals and sheared the left crankarm clean off. I’ve only got maybe 2000 miles on this set. Guess my legs are getting stronger…

Reminder for the day. Check your equipment regularly. It’s always better to see stuff that’s about to break from the workbench.


11 thoughts on “well donnie, they finally did it…

    • I was mashing, but my foot just dropped to the ground rather anticlimactically. I’m just glad it happened at a light and not when I had any speed or was dropping off something. THAT would hurt.

  1. Now that I’m looking at the 2nd pic, it seems like the crack started at the outside face (and maybe the inside too). This doesn’t seem consistent with stresses from riding- more like stresses from being laid on its side with stuff piled on top of it. Might’ve been mistreated in its previous home.

  2. Astute observations Bob: After I posted the second picture, I got ready to make some hypotheses, but then lost steam before I actually typed anything. A few things…
    1. The image shows light and dark areas in the break – the light part in the center was the final break. The rest is the stress fracture.
    2. This whole incident underscores one of my only real gripes with platform pedals. Without the positive contact point of a clipless pedal, it’s easy for your foot to migrate to the outside of the pedal (especially easy with big contact points like the grip kings) Once there any pedaling forces are magnified exponentially – twisting the crank arm and everything else. It puts extra stress on the entire drivetrain and this is just the kind of thing it causes. I pulled the pedal last night and the axle is bent too.

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