Oct 11 odo counts

Date Long Haul Trucker Blue 1×7 2011 Total
9-30 6096.4 3703.4 1930.3
10-31 6308.4 3735.9 2174.8

After the 1×7 died, the computer batteries died on the Trucker, and I started riding around on Pug, I sort of lost interest in keeping track of miles every day. I’ll punch in the miles from my long rides I guess, but I really don’t feel like moving computers around on bikes and doing roll-out calibrations any more. Went out for a ride to the store on Pug and took a diversion through a bunch of local parks to build my climbing skills on steep-wet-grassy hills and little footpaths – something that would have totally destroyed my old mph averages. Riding is more fun this way.


2 thoughts on “Oct 11 odo counts

    • I think that all these years of writing down what I eat every day have worn me down on keeping track of stuff. If I can’t see any functional purpose for a record now, then it’s gone. 10 centuries (which is what I’m going for this year) is more fun to say anyway.

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