Sunday BWI Burger Run

So a few months ago I came to the conclusion that 1 long ride a month just wasn’t enough. I really needed to get out a little more on other weekends for mid-range rides here and there. The problem since then is that I’ve found myself getting up early with good intentions and then doing something else, like making coffee, reading, chores or what-not. Earlier this week I set in motion a chain of events to try and guarantee that I would actually walk out the door for a change by asking others to go out with me! Figured all I needed was one person to say even maybe and I was on the hook. Dave #1 came to the rescue, agreed to get up, and even suggested a route south of the city that led to Isaias and Maxine being able to get out as well. I played the diligent part of a puppet ride leader and created gps tracks and a cue (even though we all knew where we were going) and we all synchronized our watches to meet Sunday morning.

I met up with Dave in the morning at the Common Ground to start out. I had dressed expecting a 30° morning after being out Saturday at 6:30 am. I was shocked to find that the temps outside were closer to 50 or 60 when we got to coffee. Most of my clothes just rode around in my hydration pack for the whole day. Dave and I had some bagel sandwiches and got ready to take off around 7:30. Jumping on the bikes he asked me “why do you want to go through downtown? It’s much quicker to cut across the park to Monroe St. and take that all the way…” Well, I’ve never been that way so I said what the heck and followed his lead. It felt a little quicker to ride down the west side, but I still think I like the views downtown in the morning when it’s quiet better. We met up with Isaias at Carroll Park at 8. Looking at the cue and getting ready to pull out Isaias says “why go that way, Hollins Ferry is all bombed out”. I bowed to his wisdom and took off after him.

Half way through the ride we met up with Maxine on the south side of the airport. We continued on and finished the airport loop which was a first for me (never been on the west side of the airport before).

Taking a quick break at the BWI Dorsey observation area/trailhead while I try and get a picture of a plane. L-R Maxine, Dave, Isaias.

Emu by the airport. No they are not indigenous to Maryland.

We looped back around and muddled our way through a bit of stadium traffic for the Ravens Game. Weaving around downtown we found our way to Fells Point where we stopped at Slainte for lunch and the few beers (heavy seas loose cannon…) I had just barely earned. Lunch was a leisurely affair where we gossiped about the BBC and the group questioned the wisdom of my road choices all day. Isaias and Maxine left for home from the pub. Dave #1 and I did the same—once again ignoring the cue and going a completely different way than advertised up the still-in-construction bike boulevard on Guilford. In the end, I think we were on the published route for about 10% of the time not including the trail. Dave peeled off for home on University and I decided to bail on my little loop and hill at the end since I was already drowsy from lunch.

In the end, it turned out to be a great ride and a great day. There was no set pace and the route was short enough that we didn’t have to go all out to try and get anywhere. Just a nice time.  Thanks all for coming out on a rare balmy November day. I’ll have to practice cues and build my confidence back up a bit before I try to lead another ride 🙂

Miles 40ish? Average ?? – forgot to turn on my gps after lunch. Nothing impressive in the numbers anyway. Here’s the gps track…


5 thoughts on “Sunday BWI Burger Run

  1. I am on my phone now so I can’t easily link to it, but a bit ago, I did a fun ride to bwi one way (taking Gwynn Falls to the end) the two loops around, before heading back another (Nursery to Hopkins ferry, avoiding the bridge construction). It was a nice route with some hills but nothing too bad. Plus, I live the BWI trail. Probably becuase it was some of my first riding when I bought my new (now old) bike. It’s a nice mix. Plus the little kid in me can sit watching the planes land f

    • Thanks Isaias, and the comments/leads/company is always welcome. I’ll probably be going out again this Sunday, but I think I’m going to do north of the city because I have that route that loops around Loch Raven on the brain right now and I really want to do it. I’ll keep you posted.

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