Brisk Sunday Ride

I’ve been on a roll. Since summer I’ve had 14 uninterrupted weeks of success where I either broke even weighing in at the end of the week or came in lower. This week was no exception even though I pushed it up a day to compensate for Thursday being the ‘eating-holiday-to-end-all-eating-holidays’. For the most part I did well. I ignored the potatoes and biscuits and most starchy things, but treated myself to real desserts. I also made an effort to get out every day this weekend on the bike, even if some days were just a trip to the store or 20 minutes rolling around Bel Air on the folder. To cap off the weekend I wanted to get out for a real ride, burn some calories, and also push myself to see just how well my training has been going. I took the opportunity to plan myself a proper route and build a cue sheet again Saturday night.

I had planned to leave the house pre-dawn. I woke up at 5:45am with a raging headache, so I put plans temporarily on hold while I made breakfast and a cup of coffee. After being up for a few minutes I burned through the fog in my head well enough to move out only a little behind schedule. I did a quick loop of the neighborhood as a final test for my legs and headed up towards the trail through Timonium. My first stop for the day was to grab an Egg & Cheese sandwich at the Bagel Works on Ashland Rd. and take off up the trail. My on-road sections for this ride were probably even faster than my posted averages because once I hit the trail I really slowed down for all the runners and dog walkers. I also took some time to just enjoy the view at the rest stop where I ate my bagel 5 miles up the road.

Farm at one of my favorite vistas along the NCR

Trucker on trail – same spot

I pulled away from my rest stop only 1+ miles or so shy of Corbett Rd.. After warming up, I got back to pavement and it was ‘all business’ where I pushed myself as hard as I could. Most of the remainder of this route was stolen from Bob’s ‘4 Reservoirs Tour‘. The only difference is I kept going on Seminary to the Falls Rd. intersection where I went south. I could modify the route a little to start at the Druid Hill Conservatory and call it the ‘2 Reservoirs Tour’ when my plaigeristic tendencies flare up again.

Safe in my own zip code again I had a little extra energy to spare so I did 1 or 2 diversions up hills on side streets and headed home to get on with the day. I felt good throughout the ride and only noticed being tired about 2 hours afterwards. 14.3 mph moving average on a 50+ mile route with 4k of climbing is just fine with me. A nice ride and a good workout on a beautiful day was just what I needed to end the weekend right and get me back on track for (hopefully) another good week.

Numbers: time on bike – 3:44’49” | miles – 53.49 | moving avg – 14.3 | overall avg – 13.0 | elev gain – 4110′

Data: Garmin Data


3 thoughts on “Brisk Sunday Ride

  1. Good job, Dave! You should be very proud of the work you’ve put in to get into the physical condition that you’re in.

    I’m sure that you’ve never seen this picture of me before, so here it is–200 pounds to 150 pounds:

    I did this through running, though. You’re making great strives through cycling, which imho, is more sustainable.

    Take care. See you on the next rando-ramble.


  2. Nice work for you as well. I’m @ 85lbs down on this round currently (129 from my highest years ago — and kicked up a few from thanksgiving actually). Still plugging away but I can feel the difference. See you on Sunday! -d

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