The Drunken Centipede

Well I’ve been on my commutes, but haven’t been out for a few weeks otherwise. Bob promised to lead us on training rides if we wanted and a few of us decided to take him up on it. I missed last week, but ventured out tonight with Justin and Bob for the Monday festivities. It was perfect cool December riding weather. His general plan was to take us to Mt. Washington and then lead us up and down each hill. Worked out great. I did ok on the climbs, but my brakes and the new pads are too grabby. Every time I’d try to hit a descent too hard they’d grab hold when I hit the brakes and the front fork would shake all over the place. Kind of strange since I’ve had these pads installed and adjusted for 350 miles with no problems. The ride got its name from me watching my headlight sway back and forth across the road while huffing up one of the many hills. Anyway, thanks for getting me off the trainer and let me know if you can do Thursday. I’ll bring fresh cookies as my wife promised. Here’s the data!

ride to the ride | the ride

6 thoughts on “The Drunken Centipede

  1. I just spent (wasted?) five minutes playing with the snow on your page.

    Good luck with the brake pads. I am curious if toeing them in would make enough of a difference without sacrificing braking ability. For what it’s worth, the type of braking we had to do yesterday, is not what I would consider part of normal riding. So, as long as you can stop, that type of braking isn’t going to come up very often…at least not unless Bob has anything to do with it.

    • Enjoy the snow, I think wordpress takes it away after the first of the year. Yeah, I’ll probably toe them in a bit, but I hate going too far because then they wear uneven and need replacing 3x faster. Gotta be prepared for anything, anytime (‘specially in city traffic…)

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