2011 final odo counts & recap

Date Long Haul Trucker Blue 1×7 2011 Total
10-31 6308.4 3735.9 2174.8
12-31 6625.9 3735.9 2492.3

Just the long rides. Everything else got swept under the rug. Tired o’ keepin’ track.

I managed hill intervals twice last week with Bob & Justin, even dreamed up some elaborate biking plans for the winter break, and then… Well, nothing. I had a few days where I was predisposed with family gatherings. After that I took some time to do mechanical projects, then read some books I got for Christmas…

#1 – It’s All About the Bike by Robert Penn. The author goes on a quest to build his ultimate bike by visiting the makers for his dream components. Along the way he rationalizes his choices and makes many interesting historical observations. Ironically, having spent the better part of 2 years embroiled in a similar quest I spent a large portion of my reading time thinking to myself “oh, I’d do that differently” or “that doesn’t mesh with his central thesis”. At under 200 pages it was a quick read, and it would be a great book to give to anyone close who could use an explanation as to why you have bikes laying all over the house/garage/basement/shed and you’re still trying to find something “just right”. Conversely, one could also argue after reading that his travels and the people he met were more interesting than the bike itself, so maybe a cyclist could skip the middleman and just ride the bike he has to more interesting destinations.

Next up was “Cyclepedia” — a picture book with unique bicycle designs from the past 100 years. There are many interesting examples but every time I flip through it keeps falling open to page 30…

…an all aluminum Mercier frame caught my eye. Really like the classic silvery look.
Check out those sly wavy aluminum fenders. The next spread had a Rene Hearse touring model that was a second runner-up.

I AM a slow reader, but here’s what stole the rest of my time.

All I can say is my fingers hurt. It is not my first guitar because I also have an acoustic, but it is the first one I will play for any length of time. Be it courtesy for my neighbors and spouse or self-consciousness, I could never bring myself to force others to listen to me play scales and chords for hours on end every day. This solves the problem for me by letting me practice in peace. If all goes well maybe I’ll buy an amp some day. I’m stealing life lessons from weight loss and biking to see I get somewhere with it — namely, “a little bit of effort every day adds up”. I can steal 1/2 hour from the internet and television without missing a beat.

I’ve kept up with working around the house, stretching and light strength training — just haven’t been on the bike for a week — and feeling rather refreshed for it.  Maybe I’ll get out once again, but even if I ride any distance I doubt I’ll take my gps. Not like it matters anyway. I’ve got 100’s of miles of commuting that I didn’t log anyway. Going to put my Planet Bike computer on the LHT now, but I still don’t think I’m going to keep close track of my miles any more.

Happy new year all!


4 thoughts on “2011 final odo counts & recap

    • Awesome. Mine’s the Squier Tele, or “most moderately priced tele”. Normally I don’t make impulse purchases like this, but after talking to a friend at work, reading a ton of reviews, and listening to a bunch of people play it over Youtube, I just went for it.

  1. His is a Mexican issue that’s been modded with noiseless pickups. I told him that if ever there was any question about what kind of guitar to use for what kind of music; choose the Tele. You can make a clean guitar sound dirty, but you can’t make a dirty guitar sound clean. Nothings cleaner than a Telecaster.
    There’s a kid in our church with a Squire P-bass. It sounds real good.

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