71 miles just before the bell

Of course, I would click send and publish “figures” for the end of the year and Bob would email the group asking if we wanted to ride to Annapolis on Saturday. Well of course I would say yes! Quick run-down. We met at the Washington Monument around 9am, (Bob, Isaias, Harry, and I) rode down to Annapolis – mostly along the trail system. Once there we stopped at Ram’s Head Tavern for lunch and a few beers. (I had Copperhead Ale – meh., kind of TOO light.) Then we turned around and retraced our steps to get back to Baltimore. The wind kicked up and we had to fight it most of the way home, but we could hardly complain given how nice of a late-December day it was for riding otherwise. I had a hard time separating the headwind lag from my post-lunch 2 beer coma to be honest. Along the B&A trail, we met up with Maxine and rode together for a few miles till we got back to the airport. Once out of the trails we came back into B-more using the familiar routes and chugged our way through the only real hills of the day downtown to make it back by 3-ish or so (4? – I forget). Thanks to Bob and all for dragging me out one last time, and congrats to Isaias for his 17343.91 mile (not a typo!) year.

Numbers: time on bike – 4:58’54” | miles – 71.28 | avg – 14.3 | elev gain – 2482′ | gps data – trip there : trip back

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