The Loudest Table at Alonzos

Sorry for the delay in posting. Please don’t take it as a lack of enthusiasm for the subject matter. This week has been all over the place. Last Sunday I met the guys on the south side of Lake Montebello at sunrise for the latest and greatest installment of the Rando Ramble.

Weather was beautiful again for January at pretty much 40° all day long. No complaints, but there was a little bit of a headwind here and there. The only aggravation for the day came from the bike. I made adjustments to my rear shifter cable this week and somehow managed to botch it in such a way that I didn’t notice during my check-up ride to BBW on Saturday. First time we hit a hill I started skipping all over the place between gears. It took about 5 miles before I remembered I could just reach down and slide the lever into friction mode. That fixed the middle gears for the most part, but the top and the bottom of the cluster were still screwed up and I’d get a hop, skip and a jump every time I tried to climb out of the saddle. Despite the annoyance the day was far from ruined.

The beginning of the route left the city in a sorta-reverse route of the end of  ‘Charm & Grace’. It’s a great way north and I can only wish that the roads were so low traffic on the weekdays too, but I know they aren’t. We weren’t too far out of the city before we bid farewell to Peter and Harry who turned back early on.

On the way to lunch we rolled through some peaceful back roads skirting the East side of Loch Raven Reservoir, up past Bel Air on more back roads — a few with dirt — and into N. Harford County just below the PA line. Everything went to schedule and we pulled in to lunch right around noon. Thank goodness because I did NOT eat enough in the morning and was getting pretty beat up by Pylesville. We took our time at cafe 165 for an hour and I had another stromboli like the one from On-Again Off Again. Come to think about it, much of this ride was like that ride. Quiet back roads. Cool, breezy weather, hills that wouldn’t quit…

Slow on the draw with the camera. If I’d been quicker I would have caught the whole caravan cresting the hill.

Small westerly winds kicked me around a little bit on the return trip. I was zoning out, but just kept following the map and cue blindly. I was amazed at where we ended up when we finally emerged on Paper Mill Rd. — thought we were west of the reservoir by that point. The strong held back and the slowpokes (yours truly now raising his hand) “manned up” enough to keep pace all day and we ended up back in metro territory together for the first time in who knows how long…

I think we’ve visited every convenience store in the tri-state area now… Me, Justin, John, Ben, Dave#1, Bob, Charlie…

I ate my mini-mart ice cream and plans were drawn for a rendezvous at Alonzos a few miles down the road. After break we polished off the last 15 – 16 miles on the fast roads through industrial/suburban north Baltimore. No Picture, but we beat the sun by 4 minutes and the gps track time proves it. Then we split 3 pitchers of beer (which one?), some nachos and I had my chili while we talked about all manner of nonsense for an hour and change before they kicked us out, we switched on our lights and headed home.

Add your memoirs in the comments section! I’m zoning out again…

Photos: Check Bob’s flickr set for a great visual narrative of the day.

Numbers: time on bike – 7:33’ | miles – 94.5 | moving avg – 12.5 | overall avg – 10.8 | elev gain – 7347′

Few extra photos in my Flickr Set…

Data: Garmin pt1 | Garmin pt2

Ben, Bob, Charlie, Dave#1, Harry, John, Justin & Peter thanks for the great day out. Hopefully we’ll catch up next month! I wonder what February will hold for us…

7 thoughts on “The Loudest Table at Alonzos

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    • Yeah, it was a good one. Especially for January. The shifting thing was annoying for me, but nowhere near as bad as even the cable problem you had on New Year’s Eve. Hope to catch up with you next month — d

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