And then I finally went for a ride.

Not much has been going on of late, at least not much noteworthy. I’ve had the studs on the winter bike and cut through the wintry mix we had over the last few days quite well. Nothing strikes up a conversation in the grocery store on a snowy morning at 7am with a complete stranger better than walking around in bicycling gear. I get all kinds of questions about how I get around without falling off. For the most part grocery store rides and commutes feel so routine that I usually don’t have anything new to say about them. Guitar practice is in that strange area where it is progressing slowly, but I still can’t play songs, so nothing to share there. I don’t think I’d want to be that guy posting bad covers of Boston singles on youtube anyway… Strength training and diet are about as standard in my routine as waking up and going to work, and that feels weird to talk about. So the blog… it suffers… Until today. Bob emailed us all and came out with Justin and myself on the usual weekly hill training ride. I had doubts because my ankle has been hurting since Saturday but in the end it was my quads that gave out first. No photos again because I was too busy trying to continue breathing. I am officially the millstone around the neck of the group.

approximate numbers (did math because the computer wasn’t reset):
time – 1:20′ | distance – 13.5mi | elevation – ??? i dunno. alot.


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