Utilitaire Control 2 – Movie

I’ve been on the bike for utility every day this week, but I had a ride to the Charles Theater slated for Utilitaire 12 #2. It was one of my colder rides for the entire winter. Not too bad on the way there, but the way back was straight into the wind. I tried to tuck in but the flat bars made it kind of tough.

Control# | Type:   2 | movie

Date | Week: 2/12/2012 | week 2

Distance: 5.9 miles – out and back route through Hampden and down part of the Jones Falls Trail.

Where: Charles Theatre

What did I learn? Matinees are now $7.50 (!) I don’t go to the movies much. Guess I won’t be starting that as a hobby any time soon. Pixar’s “La Luna” was supposed to be screened as part of the show and I was looking forward to it after reading reviews of the series. It was inexplicably left off which was very disappointing. “The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore” and “Dimanche/Sunday” were my favorites – more than making up for the omission. Like I said, I’m not really a movie guy, but like unique pictures. Back 20 years ago, animation was actually what brought me to art school in Baltimore, before I got segued by illustration, before I got segued by advertising, before I got segued by web development. I always enjoy animation festivals, and it’s a fun way to get lost in several artist’s worlds for 10 minutes or so. Here’s the route…

I stopped at Baltimore Bicycle Works to get some small button head rack bolts on the way home and the Grocery store to buy windshield washer fluid for the wife’s car so the trip was kind of a utilitaire ‘three-fer’.

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