Utilitaire Control 4 – Museum

This weekend was pretty good for riding. I was up super early both Saturday and Sunday at 5:30 to get out before traffic. I had a bit of wanderlust and didn’t know exactly where I was going or what I was doing for Utilitaire 12 #4 so I just took pictures and visited some commercial establishment on each ride with the intent on having ‘something’ in the bag if I lost steam as the weekend progressed. Saturday morning turned into a 54 mile bagel & coffee run along one of my new regular routes north out of the city. Then Sunday morning I was out early to test out a new light mount pre-dawn. I stopped at the bank for cash on that ride and then ended up going BACK out to the store around 8:30 (like I needed another utilitaire). In the end the snow held off and my original plan to visit a museum came to fruition. I looked around and had decided on either the Walters Museum of Art or BMA. I kind of wanted to go downtown and explore a bit, but saw a special print exhibition on the BMA’s website that looked interesting so the Walters will just have to wait for another day. Of course, my place of employment is located right next to the BMA so I made a point of taking an out-of-the-way route to get there for a little track variety.

Control# | Type:   4 | Museum

Date | Week: 2/19/2012 | week 3

Distance: 5.96 miles – Wide loop along Jones Falls and home up Roland.

Where: Common Ground for Coffee, then Alonzos for lunch and a beer post ride.

What did I learn?
Don’t know if I ‘learned’ anything, but here’s a few sketchbook pages full of observations…

The Route:
Here’s the gps data. Not much more interesting than the picture…

4 thoughts on “Utilitaire Control 4 – Museum

  1. Nice job, Dave. I loved that print show at the BMA so much I went back again a couple weeks ago. Good choice and great sketching.

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