Utilitaire Control 7 – Work

druid lake in the morning. I kept yelling at the ducks to come close for a photo, but as always, they ignored me.

This morning wasn’t just Thursday morning, it was a sunny gift from God. I got up early, went in slightly late, and spent all the time in between going for an extended commute to fulfill my Utilitaire 12 work control.


Went to work up through Druid Hill Park along the trail and around the lake. This morning was a wonderful morning to have fenders. All the water stayed on the pavement.

Druid Hill overlook.

Control# | Type:   7 | Work

Date | Week: 3/1/2012 | week 5

Distance: 9.2 miles – ‘Bigger than average’ loop

Where: Johns Hopkins University

What did I learn?
Observations above. I didn’t put my gloves back on after taking pictures, so this was my first ‘gloveless’ riding of the year so far.

Route: Link Here

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