Utilitaire Control 8 – Organized Ride

I was out of town and off the bike Saturday for the first time since before the Utilitaire 12 challenge started. Sunday was Bob’s Rando Ramble ride and I decided to take a substitution from the provided categories in order to keep myself in the game. Including me, 8 riders started out in Carroll Park and we all arrived at the start on bike. We picked up 5 more at the BWI Observation Area south of the airport, and we all headed out for a great day.

Control# | Type:   8 | Organized Ride (category substitution)

Date | Week: 3/4/2012 | week 5

Distance: 13.8 miles (Plus 100 mile ride with the group)

Where: Carroll Park – S. Baltimore

What did I learn?
Urm, so much happened that I’m getting writers block. Luckily, Bob’s got a great report & photos up. That should serve as proof for now of my attendence 🙂 I’m going to do a separate entry with the few photos I took before my point-n-shoot camera battery died on me.

Data: Garmin pt1 | Garmin pt2

3 thoughts on “Utilitaire Control 8 – Organized Ride

  1. Yeah man, I’d love to run On Again/Off Again Again. Just let your ramble followers know when so we can avoid schedule conflicts! Super job revamping your route this month!

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