3 Glens

As mentioned in my utilitaire post, it was Rando Ramble time on Sunday, and this month was my arch-nemesis from last year – the 3 Glens. Waking up early as usual, I was out the door at 6:45. I knew I’d bump into Dave #1 if I went down Monroe St., but I still like getting myself lost downtown for a few minutes in the morning so I headed for St. Paul. At the intersection of Roland and University, I bumped into Harry and we took a stranger than usual amalgamation of streets downtown for an interesting start to the day. A group of 8 met up at Carroll Park with a few minutes to spare and then we took off for the airport to intercept with the rest. The whole day was fast and we rode as a tight group for nearly the entire route.

the lead group – who the sweeps actually SAW for most of the day

Rob, Jack, & Charlie

Rob and I had been chatting at work about him riding a ramble for a while now. It was a flattish route, his fiancée was in D.C., and he figured if he got 60 miles out and bonked he could just call the cavalry. (kind of like I did in Ellicott City last year on this very ride) NOT NECESSARY!! He ran the entire route with no hitch, and even kept up with our higher-than-average pace for the day. Great job and hope to see you out again next month!

Dave #1 parks in front of the papers like a ups driver in the bike lane.

New Deal Café. FAR superior to last year’s Pizza Hut rest stop.

The second half of the day was much like the first and went by like a blur. It was in stark contrast to last year when I had bid farewell to everyone at the lunch rest stop so I could have a few minutes to recover and rode the rest of the day solo into the wind. The winds were still there–even a bit stronger than last year–but I just put my head down and kept pedaling.

Only drama for the day was when I hit a bump coming up Edmonson Ave. after exiting the Trolley Trail east of Ellicott City. My light had been working its way loose on the mount and flew from the bar. Rob stopped to help me gather the pieces and I threw it all in my bag for later inspection. Our approach into the city was slowed significantly by traffic lights but we still got in before 5:45 which is pretty good for me. Reward came in the form of a Claymore Scotch Ale, Dogfish Head 90min IPA, all manner of fried potatoes, and a Hangover Burger at the Golden West Cafe. In every way this year’s ride was 100% better than last. My pedaling was stronger, the camaraderie was great, lunch and dinner were spot on, even the pesky headwind which wasn’t forecast to be so strong was barely a point of conversation. Life is good.

Ramble Remnants

Hacking what’s left of the Ixon

Rather than writing I spent most of Monday night cooking and camping out at the kitchen table to pull together scraps of the Ixon into a working light. With the case destroyed, I scavenged a battery holder from a 10 year old planet bike light and carefully retraced the circuit to solder the correct terminals directly to the back of the board. Not really sure why I’m bothering with it at this point as one of the leads to the bulb was torn from the circuit board and my soldered reconnection is nowhere near solid enough to make this light ‘ramble reliable’ again. Good thing the short days of winter are almost completely behind us. I think I’ll just sit back for a bit and take some time to decide what I want to replace it with.

Photos: Bob’s photostream – My point-n-shoot’s battery died after 1 hour in the cold, so no real photos for me. grrrr.

Write Up: Check out Bob’s narrative – much better than my info this month…

Numbers: time on bike – 8:11’ | miles – 113.8 | moving avg – 13.8 | overall avg – (approx.) 11.3 | elev gain – 6289′

Data: Garmin pt1 | Garmin pt2


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