Utilitaire Control 9 – Lunch

We had more beautiful weather on Thursday, and I forgot to write out a bill that needed to go in the mailbox, so I decided to ride home at lunch and complete another Utilitaire. 9 down, 3 to go…

On the way back I ducked back into Wyman Park again and explored a little more to kill time and actually take a full lunch hour for a change. I found a trail that follows Stony Run all the way to Remington Ave. It’s mild singletrack with a few log crossings and a pretty steep drop-off so the 1 speed and it’s newly changed slickish tires was not the ideal machine. Made it through ok.

Bigger: If I had a Troll I’d take a picture of it under this bridge.

If we get any snow in March it’s my fault. Removed the studded tires from the commuter. I don’t hate riding on my old Continental Contacts that I promised myself I would use up as much as I remember. I also replaced the saddle with one of the spares from the ‘take-off’ bin. The Titec was not my fave. The last time I gave this Nashbar a try I was 35lbs heavier and my butt was a different shape so I figured I’d give it a whirl again…

Control# | Type:   9 | Lunch (category 2 – second use)

Date | Week: 3/8/2012 | week 6

Distance: 5.4 miles (approximately. This bike doesn’t have a computer.)

Where: Home (from work)

What did I learn? Observations above. I found that for riding to and from work, if there’s going to be a stiff wind, I want it to be coming from the southwest. Nearly my entire ride was in gusty conditions, but I barely noticed because they were all crosswinds. I still have more exploring to do in that little park. Taking Pugsley back out next free weekend I have… I originally wanted to do all the categories, but realized that isn’t going to work out. I feel pretty good about the substitutions so far because they’ve been unique and I’ve seen something new on each route.

3 thoughts on “Utilitaire Control 9 – Lunch

    • No, concert is still open… I’m trying to find someone to ride downtown with to catch the show! I was just telling one of my co-workers about the giant oktoberfest mug of Yuengling from last night. That was a good time…

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